Delta EDA

Delta EDA

Welcome to the Delta Conservative Electoral District Association. 

We are the frontlines of our Canadian democracy. If you are over 14 years of age and live in Delta, British Columbia join our team. In between elections you have the opportunity to strengthen local participation in our political system. 

If you become or are a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and you live in our riding, we are your connection to learning, feedback and advocacy opportunities created both locally and nationally. You control your level of involvement.  Simply, hold a membership or, if you are up for it, considering running for the nomination to represent our Party in the next election. 

What we do

  • Host events to create networking opportunities for our members
  • Host events to connect our members to our party’s Members of Parliament and other leaders
  • Manage local member communications
  • Manage the nomination process for our candidate
  • Manage the policy and constitution development processes locally
  • Nominate participants for the party processes

How we do it

  • We advocate for the democratic processes and grass roots participation
  • We respect and value the diverse views and contributions of our membership
  • We support fair and transparent processes and decision making with our membership

Why we do it

We love our country and believe in the democratic principles and processes that have created peace, order, and good government for 150 years. For that to continue, citizens need to be involved, active and have their voices heard. Our country is healthy when we get involved from the community level right through to the corridors of power in Ottawa. 

If you are a member, volunteer. If you are not a member, join today.
If you have a question or feedback please reach out to me directly. 


Sujay L. Nazareth
President Delta Conservative Electoral District Association